God's Grace

Dennis and I feel that songs can make such an impact on our hearts when the song is giving God the glory and showing His power.  Songs that try to guilt one into loving our Savior or guilt us into needing a Savior we just feel don't give God the credit and glory He deserves. Focusing our eyes on Jesus and not ourselves is what we love in songs.

Our love for Jesus Christ shouldn't be out of guilt or trying to live by the law, a "Good person." but out of God's grace and mercy He poured out on the cross.  He took upon himself all of our sins. If you are a true born again believer are sins have already been washed cleaned and we have been justified.

We were created as sinful humans that only by our faith through trusting  in Jesus Christ can we have true freedom. God designed us in showing us that nothing we do. Nothing..... I mean nothing...... can bring us to the cross except for our Savior. Only through God can we do anything. Why would I have the motivation to love my, husband? my family? my sister? my parents? my friends? why would I not every time someone hurts me not want to hurt back? Sadly we don't have the motivation ourselves. Our sinfulness is a strong part of us. But, by seeing that it's only through God's grace that He has given us, gives us that desire of loving my husband, my family, my sister, my parents, my friends. Seeing His sacrifice at the cross is the only way I can come close. The law doesn't save, Christ does.

We have a good friend right now that has a brother only 31 years old that has suffered a stroke and the outcome is unknown. He has a wife and 4 kids ranging in age from 6 all the way down to a month old. His name is Nathan and he has a blog. Not to long back he posted a song by Matt Redman called, "Never Once" It reminds us that Never Once are we alone. Never once did God leave us on our own.  When you think of this NOTHING we can do is without our Savior. He interwoven and planned out all details in life. How amazing!!!  It's shows His Grace and the huge significance of the cross.

I will never feel like I can thank my Savior enough for what He did for me. I'm unworthy, but He sees me as worthy.

Please keep our friend West's brother Nathan in your prayers. This hits home for me with what my family went through back in March. The only comfort is knowing that God works all things for good to those called according to His purpose. We are praying it's in God's will that Nathan recover. Praying to give strength to his wife and children during this hard time. We don't always understand God's will, but having the faith of knowing God's grace is a big comfort especially during hard times.

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