12 years!

12 years ago a young 16 year old boy asked a young 16 year girl out. 12 years later on exactly the same day that slightly older boy and slightly older girl are celebrating their 9 year anniversary!

 12 years has brought many changes in both our lives. Our love for each other has grown deeper and deeper. We have faced great times and hard times, but overall we have never lost sight of our Savior. In fact through the years our growth in our Savior has grown and grown as well. With this growth it ties directly into bringing our marriage even closer.

I am lost for words on how I feel so blessed from Jesus Christ. Dennis is an amazing leader, husband, father and friend. His love for the Lord shows strongly in all that he does. He seeks the truth and seeks to show others.  Myself and his children are blessed to have him in our lives. It's amazing that at such a young age we both had a vision for our future spouses and God brought each other together when we were only 16. I've seen God working in everything we do and it's been an amazing ride. Some day both him and I will get to stand in the presents of our Creator and thank Him personally for all that He did starting from before the earth was created.  Until then we both give our lives to Jesus Christ our Savior in our steps and actions. That our heart shines clearly for our Heavenly Father.

Happy Anniversary Dennis and I pray God gives me the strength and heart as a Proverbs wife. That all my actions are for the Lord and in turn overflowing and pouring out on you, my kids and my family and friends. Love you!