Birthday Girl!

I have felt as if I only blinked and my baby girl is no longer my baby but my beautiful little lady of 6 years old.

What a blessing she is in our lives. I remind her how special she is and that God knew exactly who He wanted as our oldest child. Each of our children have a special purpose in our family. Each one was created perfectly in the order that was chosen for them. Brooklyn is such an amazing first born. She has such a loving heart toward her younger siblings. She is so caring and looks out for each of them. She is my helper and an amazing little sponge in retaining life.

We have come from seeing God work a miracle in her before she was born, to seeing Him form and mold her heart to His. To see her notice things in our world that don't add up to our Savior just blows me away. How she picks up on things and is already understanding our Creator more and more each day. I love spending my days teaching her not only basics of life, but teaching her to give God the glory in EVERYTHING!

My kids may not realize it now, but they are teaching me just as much as Dennis and I are teaching them.  They are little eyes that observe Dennis and I in all our actions. How we respond in all situations. If we don't walk what we teach then we feel it's harder for them to have the pure heart desire to live for our Savior. The truths that we speak and show through scripture also need to be displayed in our actions. What is amazing is having this pure heart desire for our Savior and how we want to raise our children are actions are out of pure joy. We may not be perfect but we long to walk beside God striving our best and only with our Saviors help can this be possibly.

Brooklyn, you are amazing and beautiful. You are a joy and a blessing to all who get the chance to meet you. I am so honored to be your mom and I know your dad feels the same way.  I pray that it's God's will to continue to get to see you grow from a little lady to a lady diving deeper into God's arms. What a joy to be apart of your life. What a joy to be able to call you my daughter. I love you all the way around the world and to heaven and back a trillion times plus;)