Mr. Beckham already 2!

Today our little man has been apart of our family for 2 years.  What a little blessing he s. To see such character shine through as each day passes.  As his father and I raise him I have such confidence in following God's truths in instilling the values he will need as he grows from a little boy into a man who will someday most likely have a family of his own.  What a great example he has from his dad in what a godly leader, husband, father, and friend he is.  I pray I can be an example of a godly wife, mother, and friend for when he looks for a wife someday.  Our children see our true selves. They see our weaknesses, and our strengths. Most importantly we want them to see how our hearts desire is none other then to glorify our Lord and Savior. This motivates us in our actions and how we are to one another.

Mr. Beckham you are such a joy and a blessing in our family. We all love you so very much. I love watching you play with your older sisters and the love you all have. I love how when I say, "Brinley is moving!" I have a swarm of little hands eager to get a chance to feel her kick. Your hugs and loves our precious. I am beyond amazed at God knowing exactly the perfect match for our family.

May you get to feeling better and enjoy rest of your birthday! We love you so much little man! :)


(sorry about the blurry picture and the toilet paper in the background. Runny nose and little guy not feeling well, makes it hard to clean).

(Sick little man on his 2nd birthday)