November 1st 2011

Fall by far is my favorite time of year! I love to look outside and see the leaves change color. I love the crisp fall air, and the sun shinning. I love being snug and warm inside and making warm cookies and best of all I love preparing for Christmas!!!!

Last year I made all our Christmas gifts for family. This year I am not going to that extreme, but I still am making a few gifts I'm excited to be giving. Making gifts is one part for me of loving the season! What I enjoy the most is starting in November and cranking up the Christmas music. I know that we haven't even gotten to Thanksgiving, but by far celebrating Jesus' birth and the significance of God sending His Son is by far worth cranking up the Christmas music and surrounding the home in the true meaning of Christmas.

My girls favorite Christmas song is "Happy Birthday Jesus" They have it on an Ipod their nana gave them a couple years when she got a new one. I'm not kidding 6 months after Christmas and we were still listening to that song. They took a few months off and last month the song came back out again.

What a wonderful time of year! Happy November 1st everyone!!! may this time of year and every day be a reminder of our Jesus Christ who is Lord and Savior!