Our Little Niece

What a blessing it is to soon be welcoming a new addition into our family. My Brother-in-law and Sister-in-law are adopting a cute little Chinese girl who will be 2 1/2. They are naming her Raimey and we can't wait to pour on the love to her. Adoption takes a special heart I feel and it's not wrong to feel not the calling to adopt, but those who do feel the calling it's pretty amazing. I've wondered when I look at my own children and know their DNA and looks are a part of  Dennis and I, I just can't help but think they are the cutest and love them all over. But I've wondered if we were to ever adopt what that feeling would be like. I feel God really works in the heart of adopted parents. He gives them that unconditional love. The love that sees them not as a adopted child, but as their child. I pray for little Raimey as she will be transitioning into a new life style. She will be away from what she has only known. I'm praying for a quick transition. She doesn't understand it now but she is getting one special dad and mom and two very special brothers, and well I think some pretty special extended family as well! ;) God is bringing little Raimey into the lives of our family not only for us to bless her but for her to bless us.

Raimey we can't wait to meet you, hug on you and pour our love out to you. Love ya!