Brinley Skye

Last week we had a chance to have a free 3D ultrasound of our little lady. If anyone is wondering she is still a lady ;) The only ultrasounds that we have had she seems to enjoy hiding her face from us. She has her hands and feet in her face the whole time. We were able to get just a few profile pictures, and the tech really tried hard to get the full face but we have a little lady that just wants to keep her face hidden.

Dennis and I think she looks just like her siblings. At one point she looked more like Beckham and then I saw Brooklyn and Bailey too, so I know she will be her own little self, but will have a nose and lips just like her siblings. Not complaining because our kids we think have such cute noses and lips.

So excited to meet this little lady. About 10 more weeks and we should be able to give her lots of kisses and loves and I know she will get many from her sister's and brother and of course daddy and mommy and all the rest of the family she will get to meet.