These Four Walls!

I love following others blogs and just reading or seeing what so many people do.  What I love is the uniqueness every family has. Not one family is the same.

Dennis and I find it interesting how so many things we enjoy we have in common with each other.  Example: Our chose of food. Yes, Dennis can handle fish better than me, but for the most part we are both simple eaters. The way we want to raise our kids it's as if we have one mind. The way we are saving and paying off debt because of future goals we both seek and desire together. Not so much for our self but more so for the ultimate goal of how we both see our Savior Jesus Christ!

We love nothing more then to surround our self in better understanding of our Creator.  We seek the desire in equipping our children for understanding His truths!

I love how although we are all different, We come together so perfectly. I have married a man who is leading our household upon a solid foundation of continual seeking understanding and applying biblical truths. His desire pushes me and helps me in part of my desire for the Lord.

I am excited to see God continue to unfold His plan in our lives.  Our goals that we have set out we both also know our God is in control and while it's great to have goals we should never let them take priority over our life.

I remember thinking a few years back when we sold our first house and we had plans to build in a little residential area.  God just laid it on our hearts to hold off.  We have not owned a home since but have been blessed beyond our vision during this time. God has revealed plans to us and one is financially helping us understand our finances.  I'm amazed to see such progress and what excitement this brings.  God is showing us a different direction then what we thought a few years back.  With this direction has also brought us both closer not only to each other but to God.

Our marriage has always been strong, but in these past years with seeing God's importance in all that we say and do and to see His all powerful, control in everything it has really changed us both. Seeing that importance has strengthened our marriage even more.

I use to think well....once we have a bigger house, or more money and so on...well, God has shown us no matter where you are to glorify Him. Happiness isn't in things, but in God.

We both do look forward to having a house that we can host more people at one time.  To be able to fellowship and minister in larger amounts if need be, but also God has shown us not to let our home now which He has blessed us greatly with limit us to the extent of hiding God's heart.

Someday I feel we will be blessed with a larger, better equipped (for large groups) home. Until then we have been blessed and though it may God's ministry continue for whomever steps foot through our door.  May we be a blessing to all who God brings in our lives. May we continue to be a light amongst the darkness. May our four walls tell a store of God's Almighty sovereign power as He works through our family as well as through yours.

“Speaking to one another with psalms, hymns, and songs from the Spirit. Sing and make music from your heart to the Lord, always giving thanks to God the Father for everything, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

Ephesians 5:19-20