Pumpkin Patch Field Trip!

Last week we got to get out in the morning and enjoy God's creation!!! Brooklyn was soooo excited to get to go on a field trip. Last year we had "Field Trips" but they were usually on the weekend when Dennis could go along with us. This makes a fun family trip and I know the kids and I enjoy having Dennis along, but this time the best time to go to the pumpkin patch was on a Monday.

No book work or memorization for the day. Just fun running around a corn maze, sliding down different slides, enjoying a hay ride out to the pumpkins and searching till everyone was loaded up and ready to head back just for that right pumpkin.  Overall, the kids had a blast!!!! They enjoyed showing daddy their special finds. I enjoyed seeing what pumpkins each of the kids were drawn too.

We LOVE the fall. It's my favorite time of the year. I love seeing the leafs turn different colors. The crisp fresh air. The warm soups and the house feeling cozy and warm. I'm thankful we live in a State that gets to see the different seasons.