Pallet Art Work

I follow different blogs regarding craft ideas which I love reading about. I get inspired and enjoy either following the tutorials or branching off and running with the idea.

I came across different projects to do with pallets. Originally, I thought I wanted to make a pallet headboard for Dennis and I. I'm really tired of the old door that we have been using. I feel it's to high and I do not like the colors anymore.

I have been looking on craigs list and came across some free pallets people were giving away. The first one that I got was very large, and the boards are 2x4's which aren't as wide and rustic as I would like. I will eventually use the wood for possibly frames etc.

With the help of my dad he took my collection of pallets over to his house. I'm sure he is excited to see some of it disappear from his shop. Yes, dad I will try to remove the rest soon. :)

A couple weeks ago I was really in the mood to start and I knew I didn't have the right wood for the headboard, although, I found some pieces in the back of my parents place that my dad said I could have. :) Score!!!! (So eventually I will make the headboard probably from the old deck wood).

I had seen a picture this lady did where she made a long frame with pallets and then tied rope up to hang pictures. I LOVED the idea and thought beyond just a place to hang pictures I could also make a magnetic board which we needed for some spelling tiles I got for Brooklyn this year for school.

My thought was, "This will be easy." was, but it was a lot more work then I expected. This is what happens when you run an idea by two people that know how to do work working and have just about any tool you need. The way they described it to me was actually better then the way I was planning. The wood would be more sturdy and better for little hands that would be handling it.

Our really good friend Dick helped me the most. First the pallet had to be carefully taken apart. The wood was old and beat up which I loved the look, but it easily could split and well, one piece we even had to glue back together.

I love making projects that aren't perfect. I really like the look of in-perfection. Quiet opposite of my dad! :) I love rustic wood that's either been distressed or well, is just OLD. Sometimes harder to work with though.

Dick helped me and we made each of the piece a lap joint ( hopefully the correct wood working term ;) This would make it smooth from the side and back so it would lay nice and flat up against the wall. We then glued each piece and screwed from the back so you couldn't see it from the front. I then put eye hooks in and attached rope to them.  The bottom quarter I painted some thin wood with magnetic paint and then finished it off with a sample flat paint I had gotten. I then finished off by staining the frame and then  screwing it on the wall. The kids will be able to touch it and play with it and I'm not having to worry about it falling on them or moving.

I feel it turned out better then what I expected and way way more sturdy and heavy duty for the kids.

They seem to LOVE it and I think it fits perfectly with the dream of building a barn house in a few years. The bonus to is it also fits perfectly in the house we are in right now.

Thanks especially to Uncle Dick and my dad for helping me with the tools!