The mind of me!!!

I have realized life will never not be crazy when you have little ones running around expressing themselves and enjoying their creativity.

God has really been showing me a lot lately. He has been giving me an even more love than I could ever have imagined for children. Mainly my children and the future little one cooking inside of me. God has been whispering to me how to show my children His glory. This is something Dennis and I pray about with raising our children.

Since I am a stay-at-home mommy, I am really realizing that my attitude for the day or in general life itself really sets the mood for the way our house runs. If I am calm and take the time to explain to my children why something must be done or why they are getting disciplined the way they are or basically anything my tone of voice is such a huge factor in their reaction or even how they respond to each other. I have noticed a difference in my children. I have noticed a soft heart being formed. Just the other day I started to really enforce: 

"So in everything, 

do to others what you would have them do to you, 

for this sums of the Law and the Prophets"

Matthew 7:12

Dennis and I are raising our children to be best friends. If they can't be friends with their own siblings what kind of friend will they be to others? 

My children are such a joy to be around. My prayer is God strengthening my weaknesses and humbling my spirit. Giving me patience through out my day and setting an example for all the little eyes that watch my every step each and every day.