Secrets of True Love: Part 8

*******Please make sure to read part 1-7 before reading part 8*******

Chapter Eight

"Love is                       

True love is something that can never have an end if you desire.  It can keep growing and growing.  You can stop loving, but true love I feel will always keep on growing.  Okay, I said it again true love.  Are  you ready for my definition of love? I'm almost there.


I remember a point in my life that could have been tough for some people and easy for others.  For me of course, a tough decision was what to do for college.  I had dreamed of becoming a professional basketball player, now I was thinking whether I should continue playing beyond high school.  I think back now and don't doubt my decision.

Sports will always be something I will love.  I look forward to the day I can teach my kid how to shoot a basketball, or throw a ball.  Something inside of me was ready to move on.  It was incredibly hard to tell my parents and coach that I didn't want to continue playing.  I remember crying so hard it made me sick and gave me one of the worst headaches I had ever experienced.  Although, I felt the soft touch of God reassuring me that it would be okay.

I moved to a small apartment to live by myself which was minutes away from where my sweetie lived.  I attended a community college while he attended the University.  God gifted us with an experience that was good for the both of us. 

I said before that love can keep growing.  It can, but doesn't always grow through romance. 

Will be continued..........Next Wednesday!!!