2 Months!

Dear Abba Father my Lord and Savior,

I can't even begin to express through words, but I know you know my true heart and how I feel.  I open my arms and feel your warm embrace that you have given my family. You chose us to experience not just once but 4 times the heart ache and real possibility of loosing a wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend. Through these past months I am in awe of your glory. How you were preparing us for this journey the moment you created us. How everything is all in your timing. How everything we do from the breaths we take to the function of our bodies all work in your plan and in your design. Nothing we do goes beyond your control. You would not be an omnipotent, sovereign God that your Word proclaims you to be. You are outside time and space as I know it. This alone is unfathomable. Little Brooklyn even asks, "Who created God?" I then explain how amazing that is to even try to comprehend that you have always been. 

Lord, my joy overflows with the peace you have given me. The peace knowing you are in control. The peace knowing that you called me to you. This joy is a fountain. I think of Romans 9 and how Paul speaks of how he wishes he could be separated from Christ ( outcast, out of fellowship) for the sake of his fellow brethren's and kinsman. This is an amazing statement. To know that Paul felt so strong in his faith with Christ and that his joy was overflowing that he wished to give it up for others so that they may come to the saving grace of Jesus. What an example of a Godly amazing man. I think... would I... if it were possible give up my faith in my Creator too another so that they may be saved? I honestly have to say no! Although that is not possible for only through Christ can one be saved it does make me think how I can live my life for Him. How I can share the gospel with others. How according to His words, overflowing through me I will get to enjoy seeing the joy on another's face as they too grasp His hand and take on understanding God's almighty truths. The truths that can set you free. 

God you sent my whole family through so far the toughest thing we have had to endure. Our faith was tested, yet I feel our feet were standing on solid rock.  I continue to pray and know that lives have been touched. Other fellow believers have turned closer to you. Unbelievers eyes have been opened.  All that happened was for your glory.  I may not understand it all, but I only can grasp and hang onto your Word. Hang on to what you have promised me with your truths even if the full comprehension is not their. 

I look forward to the day my mind can fully wrap itself around your sovereignty. Until that day though, may my voice be loud and my actions clear on who I serve. Who I live my life for and who gave up His life for me. 

Thank you Lord for blessing my sister for more days to live her life for you. To be the wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend to those around her. God my heart goes out to her. Give her peace beyond her comprehension. May you guide us in words of encouragement and ears for listening. Strengthen her physically and spiritually. May her cup be overflowing. May you also give peace to her husband. Renew strength and comfort throughout his body. Fill Him as well with an overflowing cup. Embrace us and surround us. You are our Abba Father! We live our life for you, our Savior, our Lord!

In your name I pray amen!

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