Secrets of True Love: Part 4

****Before reading this make sure you have read Part 1-3. 
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Chapter 4

                                                 and Friendship"

True love should start with a friendship.  I look back at the two of us and realized that we had become friends before taking the next step as boyfriend/ girlfriend.  Something that helped me understand love is by first seeing how a friendship develops into an unbreakable relationship.  A best friend relationship.  So what is true love? a developing friendship?  Sort of, but that's just the start.


Valentines day was just around the corner.  Too me I believe it's a tough holiday to figure out what to get a guy.  To be honest it's a holiday that guys usually don't even have to think about what they should get the girl.  Flowers, candy, or stuffed animal, are just a few things that i'm sure any girl would be happy with, but what do you get a guy that's well....not to girly.  After pondering for quiet sometime I finally came up with, what I thought, was the perfect gift.  A cute brown bear and a journal.  Now the bear may have been a tad on the girly side, but I knew he would still like it.   The journal on the other hand was what I was most excited to give him.  The week before I thought really hard concerning what I was going to put in the journal.  I wanted a saying that would explain what the journal was for, the purpose.  Sort of the rules of how to use it.  I wanted this journal to be something that the two of us would use in the process of getting to know each other.  More like what God has been doing in our lives,  and our relationship.  Finally, I knew exactly what to write on the inside cover.

This is a journal of our thoughts, together as a couple, as best friends, and united through our Savior, Jesus Christ.  Together we both can work through this journal filling it up with words and thoughts that come from the heart.  Take your time and enjoy seeing the power of God working in our lives.  Great things come through trusting in Him. 

The night before Valentines day I made my first entry into the journal.  I believe from that moment on we got to know each others thoughts more and more.  It's amazing that we have become so close now that we don't need to write in it.  The journal was a good starter in the communication process that a couple should develop.  Ah...another key word I believe in when trying to define love, is communication.

Communication is something you must have in order to maintain a good relationship with another.  This was something I felt we were getting better and better at each day.

To be Continued...Next Wednesday!!!