Sunrise Sunday!

My sister has now been home for a week and two days! That is something to celebrate!!!!! Oh yes did we celebrate! :) Well, lots of time was spent visiting, recapping the story, listening to her give us in insight on her thoughts through this whole thing. Overall though, it felt so good to be together as one big family enjoying each others company like we have so many times before.

The past month was such a blur. It feels so surreal, yet it wasn't. I still have moments of worry thinking what's next? This last week has been so amazing with laughter and tears of what joy we are experiencing. My sister is alive! My sweet big sister who I look up too is getting stronger and stronger each day. Her strength is coming back more and more. Her heart and mind our determined. All powered by our Heavenly Father our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

This week has been filled with lots of smiles. Nothing to much in our house besides the usual of Mr. Beckham finding what new thing can he get into or do. Making peanut butter cookies turned out quiet fun for him! "You call this a mess?...I call this FUN!"

Beckham gets to have a play buddy over every Tuesday for the day. Miss Chloe is very shy around my three energy filled children. She does very well and the girls usually can get her to talk a little and play with them as long as I'm in the same room. It's cute because last week Beckham was bringing her dolls and crackers. He was trying to comfort her with hugs which she wasn't all that excited about. It was cute to see his soft side caring for little Chloe and making her feel welcomed. Chloe fits in well with my kids and she is a delight to watch.

Yes, lately I have been taking more pictures of Beckham then anyone else. He has just been doing crazy and funny things. This little boy just cracks me up. He is so full of energy, but his little brain is just deep in thought process. He really analyzes and is one determined little man. He isn't afraid of anything yet. Darkness is just an annoyance to him. Things up high are just a challenge. Dogs and Cats are his squishy stuffed animals. This little guy is just a bundle of lovable energy and you just can't help but smile when he is around.

Miss Bailey Boo is my tender heart girl. Her smile and eyes just light up a room. She has been enjoying getting ahold of my camera and taking pictures with it or video taping. Pretty funny what I end up getting back. She has been doing better on holding the camera as still as possible when she clicks the button but still work in progress. The other day though she wanted her picture taken. Who can resist this little lady. "Cheeeeeeeessssssseee" 

I posted this picture the other day but just can't resist! Dennis and I enjoy so much our children. Didn't get many of Brooklyn. She had a great week. She started Ballet and I will make sure to feature some pictures of her at class soon. I just love how all three kids of mine were sound asleep the other day when getting home from my sisters. So peaceful looking!

Happy Sunrise Sunday!!!! 


 the Kramer Family