Secrets of True Love: Part 1

Let me rewind for you. Ever since I can remember I LOVED to write. I loved to be creative and let my imagination just run free! I would start these adventures and let my parents read them and they would get hooked and then I would never finish. I would sit at my window and gaze out imagining I was some undercover detective staking out a case. The best and most well known detective who was only 12. I had my pen that hung around my neck and my notepad writing all the suspicious things my neighbor was or wasn't doing. Sometimes I would even take a ladder and place it in my parents yard, climb up with binoculars, sling shot, and lots of rocks just waiting for some person or thing to cross my path. Again, my pen and notepad with me at all times. I wrote and wrote. My writing style, vocabulary, spelling, grammar and so on well...all not up to par, but I still enjoy to be creative and expressive through writing.

The night before Dennis and I got married back in December of 2002 I gave him a small present. He unwrapped the paper and in both hands he held a small hardbound brown book titled:

Secrets of True Love

By: Candice Kramer

I wrote Dennis a book about my thoughts on what True Love meant to me. The process I took while dating in discovering what I have felt to be true love.  My thoughts about when we first met our Junior year in High school and then when we got engaged. 

I thought it would be fun to let you in on my book! I will type a chapter each Wednesday for 10 weeks!! They aren't super long chapters and my book is only 29 pgs long. Like I said before it's a small book. About 7x8! not to fancy. Just a part of my heart given to my husband in words.


Chapter one


ove, what is love? Is is a question everyone asks. Does anyone know the true answer?  Ever since I was little I was told I was loved.  I would tell my family they were loved.  I showed them what love meant too me through hugs and kisses, but could it be defined?  Webster thought it could. "Affection; strong liking; goodwill, benevolence; charity; devoted attachment to one..." Was that really the definition for love?  Let me start from the beginning.  The moment we are born we are held in two hands entering a world full of hate and love.  Our whole perspective of life starts that very moment.  Will we feel, "love?" or will we never understand the true meaning of love? Can we? It's amazing how one little word can make such an impact on someone.  With this thought in mind I slowly rolled over in my warm soft bed and drifted off to sleep.


"What, I have to call them all? I replied. "There's only about four." were the words that echoed in my mind.  I had no problem calling people.  Making them feel welcomed was something I did well.  The problem was the guys.  Not that I didn't like them, I liked them a lot.  I just wasn't up to calling a guy that I didn't know.  I actually hung out with more guys than gals and felt, at times, more relaxed around them.

So why did I have a problem calling a guy? Just something about it that I really didn't know how to explain.  I guess I didn't want their first impression of me to be my voice.  If it was anything like what I've heard, I would scare them from wanting to come to school.  Then again, I would rather them hear my voice and picture someone beautiful before appearing in person and spoiling their image of me. 

Unfortunately, I knew it was my duty.  I wanted to help lead my class and make this year the best.  When given my first assignment I began hating it.  Well, here goes nothing I thought, looking at my list, then at the phone, back at my list, okay, I told myself, girls first. 

I eventually made my way through the list.  I lucked out this time, more new girls then guys.  The best thing though, one boys number wan't going through.  Did I dial it wrong?  who knows, but I wasn't going to try again.  I'll just say it was busy, or no one was home.  While wadding up the paper with the names and numbers I then tossed it into the garbage. Little did I know that the one name I never contacted, would be the one name I would never forget.

to be wednesday!