Dear Sweet Sister,

I held your hand the other night as you gazed around i'm sure with many questions overwhelming your thoughts. You had little to no movement on your right side. Your speech wasn't there. That was one of the hardest things I've done was holding your hand and trying to hold back my tears. I wanted to be strong for you. I wanted to help give you strength while you laid there. It was hard to see you and not be able to take the pain away from you or the hurt you might have been feeling.

That night was tough! Every time I felt that I had no more tears a flood would appear. I was in the room when the doctors asked you to say, "Hi" you did it twice and what excitement I felt. I left your room to find dad out in the hallway with Uncle Rick. We embraced and cried, I then shared that you said, "Hi!" and dad and I just had tears of joy!!!  Prayers are all I've had. I can't fix you. I can't take this away, but we both share in the Almighty God and what a comfort He brings to us.

I played two songs off my blog for you. To hear the powerful words of our Savior is beyond expression. I'm sorry Tiff but I made you cry and I cried while just holding you and knowing what a Sovereign God we have.

The following day I loaded the kids up and we all traveled back up to see you and to spend time closer to the hospital. Tiffany, I was in shock at the improvement you had made. You had began to move your right arm and right leg. You even said words and short sentences. I heard you even with help got out of bed! You have made such improvement that everyone is such in shock.

For some reason Tiff, God wasn't finished with your testimony. Through this all I have to hang onto our Savior and how we can just share the gospel to others. To show that none other except Jesus Christ gets us through. My heart had sunk more than twice feeling that God was taking you home. I knew if that were the case my feet were planted on solid ground. I would not make it but Jesus would carry me through. This is what I have. Our Savior who is beyond what we can fathom. Our Savior who lifts us up when we can't stand no more. Love you sis! and your strength has given me strength and I know your strength comes from our Father in Heaven Jesus Christ!

****Sorry for no pictures etc. I have been having computer issues for the past 2 days****