Sunrise Sunday!!!

What a fun past week Dennis, the kids and I all had.  Monday started out with President's day which Dennis had off from work. We decided to take the kids to the Lamb Barn's located over in Corvallis. I have memories of my parents taking my sister and I when we were younger. I  clearly remember it being the day we had our last big Oregon earthquake and if memory serves correct for Dennis' 1993? Anyway, we got to see twins being born. I was hoping the kids would get to see maybe a birth as well but not this time. They still had fun though and I know they easily could have spent longer. I know Brooklyn was a little disappointed that she didn't really get to touch very many of them. If she had her way and same with our other two kids as well, they would want to hug and give loves to each and every lamb in that barn. Being in the barn with the hay and sheep gets me excited for Brooklyn doing 4H! we'll just see what animals we end up having someday. :)

Right after visiting the lamb barn since the day was beyond beautiful we decided to stop at this little nature bike bath and hiking trail. We got out our stroller and cruised the path for awhile just taking in God's beauty. 

We just couldn't pass up what a beautiful day God gave us. We grabbed lunch and then took it to a park in Corvallis called, "Wildcat Park." It has this big wooden maze and just twists and turns, swings, climbing wall, sand pit and lots of space to run. The kids hurried through their lunch to be able to get on with exercising their legs and arm muscles on everything that was offered. My mom doesn't work to far from the park so she joined up with us and even in her nice work clothes went down the slide with the kids. The picture I got didn't turn out so swell otherwise I would have posted it! :) 

Later this week a small winter storm blew though. Brought us some snow and now very cold temperatures. What's amazing is I felt it was so much more work bundling my kids up to play in the snow then anything else that day. I do love when it snows. We had cinnamon rolls for breakfast and yummy Chicken Bisk soup for dinner. I love hot warm meals and snow falling outside. 

Bailey loved eating the snow! I tried to keep her eating just the snow on the picnic table since I felt safe knowing most animals won't poop or pee up that high :) But I did catch her a couple times just scooping up the snow on the ground and eating it! Well, I guess she is building up her immunity! :)

 Later in the week our nephews came to join us for a night! Surprisingly I didn't get any pictures of our time, but the kids all had fun. Laughter none stop and imagination playing like crazy!!!

To end our week a dear young lady from our church and who we are involved with through the youth group joined our family for the night. Brooklyn and Bailey just adore her and I know Beckham does as well, he just doesn't show it as much. I felt bad a few times because my girls were just so into showing off everything and telling dear Anne Marie every detail of their lives. I think Brooklyn loved ending her time with Anne Marie finding a pair of shoes that Brooklyn calls, "Twins." Brooklyn looks up to her and anything she can do to be like her she loves so finding a pair of shoes that matches a pair of Anne Marie's she LOVED!!! I loved them as well and they only cost us .99 cents!

What a wonderful week!

Dennis made a bear pancake!

Beckham loves whip cream!

So much to be thankful for!

 "Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good;

   his love endures forever."

1 Chronicles 16:34

Happy Sunrise Sunday!!!


 The Kramer Home!!!