Legacy Letters: Impact

I go throughout my day so busy on what I need to accomplish, or in better terms what I want to accomplish. I get in a mindset that is so often so easy to focus on. My flesh is designed to focus on none other then my flesh. What do I want? What would make me feel good? What do I need? What do I...What do I... and the list goes on. With this list it turns to negatives if not accomplished. Or even negatives when accomplished. Listening to our fleshly desires pulls our eyes from God's truth. Again, because what I want to see as the truth isn't always the truth. I've seen myself desire to be the best. I never feel I can even come close until....I seek God and His truths. Then I am filled with comfort and a peace knowing only through God will I do my best. My best!!! What God has designed for me. Comparison is from the enemy. Only through God will I conquer it!

Legacy Letters #4

As I tucked you into bed your soft voice and your simple request impacted me tonight. Yes, at your young age of 5 you impacted your mom. It wasn't so much as words that I suddenly had a moment but by your eyes. It was almost as if I saw God's eyes through your eyes. It's a look I won't forget. A moment that I need not to forget. Unfortunately, I have a fleshly desire. A desire to get wrapped up in worldly desires, but with God as my Savior those desires are fewer and last less because I have a Savior to live for. What struck me tonight was seeing your simple love shine through your eyes. 
I have a weakness. A strong weakness that Satan likes to tug at. Through my weakness though comes great strength. The strength that I know God will conquer. 
My weakness is comparing myself as a Daughter, Wife, Mother and Sister. I want so badly to be perfect. I so badly want to never mess up. I want to be the best. I get myself in these moments where I compare. I allow my weakness to take over. My desire for perfection consumes me. Your eyes tonight were eyes of unconditional love. Because of that unconditional love I desire to not seek favor from family or friends on how I'm doing as a Daughter, Wife, Mother or Sister, but to live my life in full force for my Savior Jesus Christ. By doing this I know I will not be perfect in my fleshly body, but will be perfect in my design purpose that God placed for my life, and in this very moment. 
So, as I tucked you in tonight I saw how God used my fleshly nature in comparison and directed it in glorifying Him! It's brought me closer to my Savior.  Teaching me to not compare how my life is from someone else's. How I might feel I'm failing. 
God picks me up and embraces me. Through His Truths in scripture I can once again hand over my burdens. He placed you and your siblings in your father and my hands for a reason. Your eyes had such peace and such comfort too me. Thank you for giving me a moment of throwing my comparisons back out the window. I know they will attempt to sneak back in from time to time, but only through Christ saving me are they conquered forever. That is why they will never stay. I am not apart of this world. I am apart of His world!!!
I love you my child, and what a blessing you are in my life.
Your Mom