If you haven't been following our blogs lately I mentioned I would be posting a few journal entries Dennis and I made the first couple years while dating. Check out my first Journal blog regarding this if you haven't (labels: Journal).

Here is the first one Dennis wrote to me!


For you to know me better, you have to know the things that I think about. This way you will know where I am coming from and who I truly am. It is now 10:39p.m. on Monday, 2-14-00. I believe that in this past week God has been showing me how much I am blessed and how He is protecting me. Last Thursday, the night of your first journal entry, a girl that used to go to my church a few years back stopped by my house to say, "Hi." She told me about how messed up her life was and I knjew that she was not close to God. I realized that my life is so much better because of living like what is written in Isaiah 40:31. I could write so much more about this but i should keep on writing the rest of my encounter with God this week. Tonight my parents and I were sitting around the television and then my sister called. After my mom talked with her for about 10-15 minutes, she hung up the phone and told us the news. My sister was having some breathing problems today and after work she went to the doctors to get it checked out. The doctor told her that she had a collapsed lung that could have been fatal if she had come in to the hospital later than she had. She then was sent to the ET to have surgery. Tonight she is back home with a tube protruding from her lung. I thanked God that He kept her safe. I also recalled on how many times in my life that I have cheated death. Maybe I should rephrase that, God pulled me away from death. God has also saved my parents many times before I was born as well as my ancestors. If even one of them would have died, I would not be here right now. That goes the same way for you Candice, God has protected your ancestry because He has a great purpose for our lives. I sometimes feel invincible because I know that God will not let me die until I have fulfilled my purpose here. God has also given me a brain to not do stupid things to endanger my life. I believe so much that God has such great plans for me and you. One of my favorite quotes is by Jackie Robinson which says, " A life is pointless except on the impact it has on others." We are gong to impact many lives as we stay close to God. I love you!


"The Lord preserveth all them that love him." Psalm 145:20