Sunrise Sundays!!!

I thought I would try something new. I thought I would post pictures of the family or something special from the previous week. Maybe tell a little about the picture, or well, some pictures speak for themselves.

These posts will be called Sunrise Sundays. I hope they put a smile on your face.

Last week Beckham and Bailey came down with colds. Not to bad but more of a heavy cough. Bailey has been waking up every morning around 3:30-4:30 crying and coughing and struggling breathing. I get her calmed down and usually she goes right back to sleep. Beckham well, he has been starting in our bed about the time we go to bed. Then he tosses and turns and I get lack of sleep, while he sleeps in. He also has had a fever off and on and day time naps consist of about 3 but only 10-20min long.  I think Dennis and I are really hoping for a better week, but lots of snuggles and hugs sure make those tired eyes of mine seem to feel not so tired anymore.

Beckham loves to look out our windows. We have a little table underneath one and he always makes his way on top of it and sits there just gazing out. Then you start hearing him talk about what he sees while pointing and looking back hoping someone is listening to him and amazed as well.

Bailey woke up early Monday morning around 6:30. I turned on cartoons and proceeded back to finishing getting myself ready. Shortly afterwords she came into the bathroom saying, "Mommy, I need you." She says this a lot so I told her just one minute and I would pick her up. Not kidding you she fell asleep within that minute. After grabbing my camera and taking a few pictures I carried her back out to the couch where she slept for about 30min. Sweet little lady! nasty colds!!!

Toy Factory is always a hit with my kids. We hadn't been since this summer when Beckham had just started crawling. The moment I put him down to go play he didn't move for about two minutes. He just stood there taking it all in. Didn't take to long and all three were off racing from one thing to the next. Always nice on a cold and rainy day!

Happy Sunrise Sunday!!!