Birthday Blessing!

Legacy Letter  #2

Once upon a time their was a daddy and a mommy who decided that they would love to add one more child to their family of 5. That decision planted by God brought into this world your daddy (my husband).

What a legacy your dad is making. He is a true example of seeking, and following our Savior Jesus Christ. Your father is an example of a humble man. This character quality is such an important quality we hope we can instill in you all as you grow. Your father is not too proud to search for the truth. He is not arrogant, but rather kind hearted and eager to help other's learn and succeed. He is teachable. He is loving. He is what the bible says a father, husband and friend should be.

As our children your father and I want the best, but the best means we want you to strive to live a life for God. Our prayers are for you to be bold in your faith. To see the truth. To seek an intimate relationship with your Creator. We as your parents are here to guide you and in doing so set an example for you.

It's your daddy's birthday today. It's not by chance that he was born 28 years ago. He has a purpose in life. Hold on to what he has to offer you. Your dad is an amazing man. What a blessing you guys get to be apart of.

Your father wrote a poem, cut out pictures and finished it by placing it in a frame for my birthday once. I'm sure he will eventually add on to the picture but for now enjoy reading what your dad wrote to me.

With all of my love,


"Everyday I thank the Lord

For all the things that He has stored

for you , me, and our family

shown sitting here beneath this tree...

...a tree that was planted on fertile ground

that symbolizes safe and sound.

...a tree that stands firm everyday

that will not bend and will not sway.

...a tree that will last for eternity

and give hope to our family.

...when other trees will rot and fall,

this tree will always stand so tall.

Our life will have times when we feel stressed

But through it all we remain forever blessed.

Just as this family that you see 

sitting here beneath this tree."

Dennis Kramer