Eternal Legacy - Kramer 5

Last year as I have mentioned before I decided to make all my Christmas gifts. By far my favorite one was designing and creating a blog book for my parents and my in-laws through I highly recommend making a gift like this for family. I worked on this project for over 6 months. I edited most of the pictures, and created different fonts and backgrounds which took some creativity through different web sites as well. was another site I used in editing some of the pictures and creating font options. Each page was carefully designed and I enjoyed working on every 70 pages. Dennis helped with some of the writing that was done throughout the book as well which was fun to work together on. This will definitely not be the last time I make a book like this. In fact, I most likely will be designing many more in our future.

 Brooklyn does so much art work that we have decided to take pictures of all that she does this year and I will put them all in a book for her at the end of the year. How fun will it be to show her kids someday her art work. It will help me so we don't have to have a drawer that is bursting full of crinkled papers.

Hope this book may inspire you to get your creative juices flowing and design one for yourself or for family.

****For best viewing click on the far lower right corner button in the box. It has arrows pointing in all directions. This is the View Full Screen button. You will be able to read it better.*** Eternal Legacy by Dennis & Candice Kramer | Make Your Own Book