Legacy Letter to Our Children.

Blogging world... we return!!! 

I remember how I celebrated the turn of the century. Y2K scare didn't effect me. I just lived it as if it were any other day. Why? Well, considering I was still living at home, in High school, no job, pretty much no responsibilities. Yup, that would sum it up. Oh wait..., maybe because my God is more powerful, and just so happens to also be the Creator of the Universe. He is Sovereign. He is All-Knowing. He lives in neither time nor space. He is... perfect. He knew from the beginning who I was and who He would mold me too become. He formed me. He choice the parents, that on earth would raise me. No other god is like my God. This is why these earthy scares do not effect me.  


For what god is there in heaven or on earth who can do the deeds and mighty works you do?" 

Deuteronomy 3:24

This year we plan on blogging our thoughts, our heart, our life. Our children are a huge inspiration too us. We want to show them the world through the eyes of the Lord. Journaling is just one small way that hopefully can be insight to our readers. Encouragement,  Perseverance, Strength, Hope, and so much more. We are in a generation with little of this desire is boldly shown. Parenting is not a goal, but a lifestyle. Dennis and I have a goal. We have a passion. We have a bold desire to lead our children beyond the norm. 

 "Start children off on the way they should go,

   and even when they are old they will not turn from it."

Proverbs 22:6

Legacy Letter #1

My children, I tell you now, our passion is and will be evident. We will not hide from you. We will not miss lead you. We will be honest. Most importantly, these things will not happen without the strength of our Savior Jesus Christ holding our hand. Our fleshly body may want to hide. It may want to miss lead and be dishonest, but the power of our God will sustain us and deliver us through at all times even through till the end when He has brought us home to be in His arms for eternity. 

We write to you because our desire is so strong we can not bottle it up inside this would be an injustice. You all may be young, but youth does not hold us back. God created each of you in His image. He hand picked each of you specifically to be held in our arms. What a blessing! What a job! What a responsibility! 

Your Father and I love you to heaven and back. We love you without an end, and we love you so much that the World must know. They must know that they too can make a difference. 

"Hush my little ones,

Don't cry my little ones,

Your Father is right by your side.

Close your eyes, 

Close them tight,

Drift to sleep,

Child of mine,

Enter your world of dreams.

Hush my little ones,

Don't cry my little ones,

Your Father is right by your side

Your Father is right by your side."