Christmas Tree!

This past weekend we went and picked out our Christmas tree. No, we didn't go out to a fancy Christmas tree farm and walk around for hrs picking out the perfect one for us to cut down. Not saying that this isn't in our future and would be a wonderful tradition. But for now, we drove to my Grandma's store and on her lot is an organization selling trees. We get to walk around the parking lot trying to quickly pick out one that fits our house. The upside to this? Well, we get the tree for free! so you can't really beat that right now. We are drawn toward Nobles which I think are the best looking trees around. They also happen to be one of the most expensive trees so it's nice to get it for free. The guy selling the trees was very nice and got a very small tree for the kids. Now we have 2 Christmas trees in our house! :)


A few traditions I remember growing up in a private school education was Christmas time traditions. Each classroom got a Christmas tree and we always got to decorate it with fun home made crafts. Did someone say, "Crafts?" something we enjoy a lot. :)

 Today Brooklyn got to make the chain to go around the tree. The other day she made a cinnamon gingerbread man. We are going to keep decorating it until Christmas. Passing down some fun traditions we did in school to my little home schooler.