I have been busy working away on developing my hobbies. Yup, for awhile I couldn't really pen point a hobby that I truly enjoyed. Well, one stuck out and that's video editing. Would love to get more detailed into that with getting a more in depth program, but for now I will just develop and work with what i've got.

I could recognize video editing but I knew that their was more things I enjoyed doing. This is when I stumbled across a blog sit that I just loved. Now I not only follow just that sight but several others that have the same theme. CRAFTS!!!!

Let me give you a little history about myself. When I was little I loved to attempt to be creative when it came to gift giving, design, or "hum...I think I can do that." Once I made my dad a paper mache snake for Father's day. Or once I found this perfectly round rock for my dad. Oh and lets not forget the time I gave my dad a quarter with what appeared to be a possible bb hole. My dad seemed to get the most of my weird, but thoughtful gifts.

I love giving someone something when I just have a feeling they are going to really love it. Or well, I hope at least like it. More so that they knew that instead of me wondering around a store for hours trying to just find something that they might enjoy for awhile. I enjoy taking the time and putting in my time for them. Letting them know they are special.

Although I enjoy this I also have a demanding schedule. My kids take up most of my time along with my husband, home schooling, babysitting, our dog, housecleaning, laundry, church, and the list goes on. As long as I'm still enjoying making my gifts I will continue to do it. I just have to realize it's still okay to buy someone something, and hopefully the receiver knows that I might not be able to hand make something for everyone all the time. So please if you are reading this and I don't hand make your next gift I'm truly sorry and hopefully the next time I will.


I have to feel inspired and excited over my gift. Sometimes I come across a project and I instantly think of a family member. This is when it's even more fun because I feel that it will fit so perfectly for them.


I have mainly been into making shirts which has been a lot of fun. Brooklyn just turned 5 and I thought since she sees me making things for other people that it would be nice to make her something. Got the shirt at the consignment for $4 and the fabric for less that $2 which I will be able to use for several other projects. I'm pretty sure she likes it and well....she got a lot for her birthday so her excitement wasn't extreme, but she might have even loved it. We'll see. ;)

I also finished up last month a purse for my sister-in-law. This took a little more time, but I thought turned out pretty good as long as you don't look to close. I think if I make another one down the road that it won't take me as long since I figured out some of the problems. Plus, I saved my pattern so now I can make it quicker. :) Purse anyone?


My dream is to have a craft room someday in our barn house ( Barn House post soon to come). I use to think in the basement, but today while looking at some barn pictures I think I may have changed my mind. We'll see! I think it will be a wonderful room someday. Warm and inviting and a great place to get my crafting on. :) The cool thing too is I see Brooklyn enjoying crafts just as much. Great place to create some mother daughter memories. :)