Oh Bailey Boo!!!!!


Yes, my beloved middle child! My Bailey Boo who keeps me smiling. Her demeanor about life cracks me up! She has a way about herself that just is cool. Truly no worries in life personality. This girl is one who people won't want to miss out on getting to know in life.

Right now she enjoys building with her legos either a yummy cake, a castle or a castle for a spider! (not sure if I want to know her pet spider). She also enjoys fighting over who will save the potato bug in the house and set it free outside. Hight's? what hight's? yup, she jumps, and climbs off of most anything she can get to before we can get to her. She say's the funniest things like, "Mommy, I still have turds in my bum" while pooping on the toilet. This little lady is such a blessing to be part of my family. God hand picked her especially for us and WOW!!!! I can't imagine better because she and her siblings are the best. Yup, she's my little girl and I love her to heaven and back! :)

p.s. She's potty trained!!!!! through naps and almost through night time!!!