God gave Dennis and I direction last winter on the education our children would be receiving. With this direction has come many different emotions.

Anxiety -

suddenly my mind was full of, "you can't teach!" "you aren't a license teacher" "you can't even spell well" yes, all of these plus a lot

more ran through my mind.

I felt we finally had an answer and now I was doubting what God had laid on both of our hearts.

Excitement -

All of these ideas were flooding my mind. My insides were bursting and overflowing with joy.

Idealism -

Society describing what should be the way life is lived. How things should be done. How many days and hours children should be in school. The perfect balance of Socialism.

Suddenly, I realized some of the path God had open our eyes too was being clouded by my fleshly thoughts and Satan putting doubts in the way.

I still have moments were these emotions come back. Negative and positive. Thankful God is by my side and by Dennis'. Walking us through each day.

Home school is an obvious step for us right now. God might have other plans in our future but for now the picture can't be clearer.

September 7th was Brooklyn's first day of Kindergarten. She has really been enjoying her structured time. She is learning to count by 10's. Reviewing all her letters and sounds while blending them to make words. Seeing God's creation, while making a creation book. All of this plus a lot more.


Tuesday was a big day for Brooklyn. Not only did she start her first day of school, but she started biddy ball lessons. This is Basketball for little ones. Basically learning the fundamentals. She was SO excited to wear her new shorts and shoes that she has already warn all weekend since getting them. She is convinced her shoes make her run FAST!!! :) After the first night everyday she kept asking when basketball was. Sadly we would remind her it wasn't till the following week. Dennis and I really are wanting a basketball court. It's a must have and I'm sure in the next 5 years that must have will finally happen. :)


What a joy and a gift from God children are.

On a side note, I started watching a little boy that's about 17 days older than Beckham. I watch him Monday-Friday starting at 7:30 am. It's been great because it's forced me to get up, showered and all ready for the day by 7:30 in the morning. After this time I can focus on getting Dennis' lunch ready, coffee made and breakfast going for the kids. My house has stayed cleaner, and fun craft projects are also happening more. God saw my desire for starting early, but also saw my lack of motivation. I'm a morning person, but still awaking 2-3x a night with a little one can make a slow start to a morning. I am just realizing to really try to take an afternoon nap when the littles are all napping. I may get less sleep, but I will take the lack of sleep for all that I'm able to accomplish and being able to focus on my kids more.