Socialization & Homeschool!!!!

Over the past few months I have really enjoyed following and discovering several different blogs. My favorites are Homeschool blogs and craft blogs. Two favorite topics for me. Homeschool is more just the thoughts on family raising. The main theme is Christ centered and how even more as a family we can accomplish this.

One blog wrote on Socialization and I LOVE how she blogged about it. (Remember this is just a lot of how Dennis and I feel) The ladies name is Jena Borah and here is what she wrote!!! Thanks Jena!!!


e’ve all been there.

A well-meaning friend, relative or neighbor nods, smiles–then here it comes: “Homeschooling sounds great, but what about socialization?”

In my article,

The Socialization Question

, I dive deeply into the subject, but for now, I want to give you some practical advice on how I’ve learned to answer the inevitable questions.

1. Find the common ground.

“I’m concerned about it too because socialization is teaching kids how to function well in society.”

2. List the characteristics of a well-socialized person.

“I want my kids to be kind and respectful, hard working, confident, self-motivated, and competent to meet any challenge that comes their way.”

3. Suggest there is more than one way to socialize a child.

“I don’t think spending all day with 30 other kids and one adult is necessarily the best way to accomplish those goals.”

4. Offer examples of how your child is being positively socialized.

“My child enjoys talking to people of all ages.”

Classrooms are age-segregated.

“They are learning how to deal with conflict

because I am always right there, helping them work through things. A teacher is over-extended and can’t see everything that goes on.”

“My kids are independent thinkers and problem-solvers.

They don’t need an adult to tell them how to do everything.”

Classrooms are set up to keep kids quiet, in place, and dependant on the teacher. This one hit home when one of my children was helping life-long public schoolers paint a room. The other kids (ages 15-17) couldn’t spread plastic sheeting without getting detailed instructions from the teacher.

“They are learning to stand up for themselves and not be afraid to express their opinions.”

Have an example of something that happened recently.

“They have friends from various backgrounds and are learning how to value those differences.”

Mention relationships in the neighborhood, at church, clubs, park district classes, sports teams, etc.

5. The most important thing to say:

“I think the foundation of a well socialized person is a positive self-image.

Without that, it is nearly impossible to value others or learn from them. Keeping my kids out of the classroom and all the cruelty dished out by other kids can only help them develop a solid self-esteem.” Few people can argue with this.

I also like to say,

“Instead of learning life from other eight-year-olds, my child has an attentive adult (me) available to answer questions and offer feedback 24/7–sort of like a live-in Life Coach.”

What will your friend say to all this?

Let’s hope she has a new appreciation for you and your homeschooling journey. If not, that’s OK. You’ve stated your case calmly and intelligently, and here’s your chance to model good socialization yourself.


So one of my favorite things she said was a well socialized person has a positive self-esteem. WOW!!! is that so true or what. Have you ever seen a person with low self-esteem be an entrepreneur ? Their might be some out their but I highly doubt it.

God I just feel over and over has been clarifying and reinstating our purpose in educating our children. This is what He has planned for us right now in life. I love to see a part of God's picture for our life. This following week will be the first week of Kindergarten for Brooklyn. I pray for the encouragement and confidence in teaching my children. Knowing that I can't do this alone, but only through the strength of God. This is what He has chosen for us and our family and knowing this gives me a peace and the confidence I sometimes lack. Can't believe my little princess is a Kindergartener.