3rd Ave.

Dennis & I are involved in a class at our church called 3rd Ave. It has been awesome over the past year and a half to really start getting more and more involved at our church. We feel people need to be getting involved more. Making a difference, encouraging, following God's word. I think though overall is not just getting involved which is awesome but getting involved scripturally. Really focusing on what God's Word says. Not what we want God's Word to say. Digging into His truths. I really feel Grace Bible has been that church and is becoming again that church. I'm seeing a desire in people. A passion to not just to sit but to act. This might also be because Dennis and I are really feeling God's calling in our lives. Our excitement keeps us up well past 1 in the morning just pouring our heart out to each other. For those who know me I'm not much of a night person, but it's just been incredible to see God working in our lives. He has always been their, but when scripture becomes more clear it's amazing how it effects ones life.

Well, I volunteered to make a quick video to promote our class. I will eventually be revising the time and also changing it as time goes by. This possibly will be changed as well, once we get feed back from others. Anyway, enjoy a preview.

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