Dennis and I got to chatting the other day and it always amazes me how much we are alike. Now those of you who know us might be like what? Dennis likes numbers, statistics, problem solving, and well.....Candice doesn't like any of those things. I am talking about a theological inner personal likeness. Confused? Well, Dennis touched on just a part in his last blog. The way we view life. The way we view our relationship with God, with family, with each other. Even more so the way we read scripture. Just a small example but scripture and our marriage. We both have embraced the roles God designed for us and we in doing so our marriage is not something we have to work at. Doing for each other comes natural and it brings such a joy in our lives. We don't give each other the glory for our actions but the glory to God because everything that we do for the other is ultimately to glorify Christ.

Every action that one does to bring joy boils down to selfishness. Yes, this can be a hard concept for some. But, as a Christian your actions for joy and the pleasure it brings can be directed in the glorification of God. God created us this way.

An example: I decide to run out early in the morning to pick up doughnuts for the family and also decide to grab Dennis a coffee to surprise him with when I get back home. My intention is not because I'm selfishly thinking, " with doing this I'm going to get this flood of joy sweep through my body and make me feel great, while making points (society's point system) with the hubby." a way yes the deep down bottom line was in return it makes me feel good. Selfishness. Not the best word because it seems so harsh and evil, but it doesn't have to be. Through Christ a selfish act to receive joy can be selfless through Christ.

Anyway, it made me stop and think. Don't stop doing those things for joy because some might think it's selfish to do them because it made you feel good that you put a smile on someone else's face. Doing for the Lord is the biggest selfless thing you can do. God created joy! He created that feeling you get when doing something nice for someone else. Ultimately, its in the hands of God. It's the best way I can explain it.

Dennis' best day in the previous post was our trip to the coast. Mine.....well...that's really tricky. I have best moments all the time. Moments like teaching my daughter to ride a bike. Leading my daughter to the Lord. Holding my children for the first time. Date night with Dennis' and the list goes on. But an actual day I might have to say I really don't know. Our New York trip was an awesome 3 day trip. The day we spent in Central Park might have been one of my best days. Anytime I can be with Dennis is time I cherish with him all the time. These are probably the best days. The stress of them are so little if any at all. Almost no worries and a selfish but needed joy is desired. The joy that Dennis and I receive through God in our actions toward each other. That is what makes for a perfect day for me!!!