Brooklyn and her bike!!!!

Yesterday was a big moment in the Kramer family!!! Our little girl, well.....oldest girl ( 4 1/2 years) learned to ride her bike!!! Such a proud moment to watch your child accomplish something and to see the joy that overcomes them and that smile that grows even more.

Since December she received a scooter and within less than 24hrs she was whipping through the house taking tight corners, kicking her leg out and just riding it like a pro. We kept telling her that a bike was the same concept just instead of standing she would be sitting (I'm sure not for long she will be doing tricks though :). Her bike that we had gotten for her last summer she really has already outgrown it. Her older cousin keeps his bike at Papa and Nana's and so I had her hop on that. Sure enough soon she was off. She finally got on her bike this morning but I can tell she needs a new one. Well, now that she can ride maybe one is in the soon near future!!!

Brooklyn you amaze me with your talent. You amaze me with your personality. We were once told by a doctor that, "She will be abnormal." Well, Brooklyn, you are what that doctor said, but in such a wonderful God created great way. You are our princess and the Lord has blessed us. You never sees to amaze us that's for sure. Love you little girl!!!!

p.s. That picture up above she drew as well. She gets better and better each day!!!