I have been so excited for a few weeks to share my thoughts on Homeschooling. My thoughts on what God has placed on both my heart and Dennis' for our children and their education. I came across a blog and was so inspired by what she wrote. I felt while reading her blog that she was me. She worded things a lot better than what I sometimes feel I wish I did. Overall though, I just loved what she had to say. I've been wanting to blog for sometime but haven't had the chance to really sit down and put what's on my heart and mind into my blog. Well, here it goes I will try my best to relate my thoughts and heart so that my readers may know a little more about us.

God the past years has just really laid on my heart the desire to homeschool. In an earlier blog called Desire I blog about this. The past 9 months since God reveled this definite journey to not only me but to Dennis our vision is becoming even clearer. I am just so excited to continue the bond and character building in our family. This choice in our future is just that our choice. It's not for everyone, but God has directed us down this path and we can't be more excited. I mentioned earlier regarding a blog that I came across.If you want to check it out too it's this lady has said somethings that really have meant a lot to me. Or just stumbling across someone else that you feel it's like your twin. I want to quote somethings she posted regarding, "Learning is better together." I was like WOW!!!! this is how I feel.


Homeschooling is a promise that we, as a family, are in this thing together–all of us championing each individual, and each individual giving his best for the family.


A siblings victory is a victory for us all.

We celebrate each one's accomplishments.


A brother’s defeat is a call for reinforcements.

When a siblings plan doesn't go as planned we help our kids find concrete ways to help their siblings and get back up and press on.

It is always easier to gather up the courage to tackle a difficult task when you know that your siblings are beside you.

We talk about our goals and ideas and we involve each other in our effort. How cool to know your family is their for support.

I care about what you care about because I care about YOU!

This is a very powerful statement, and so true in what I want my kids to think with their siblings and family and friends.

We are strong individuals, but we are unstoppable as a team.

We work together on common goals.

Each new bit of wisdom gained is treasure to share.

Homeschooling can seem burdensome. Stefani ( the author of the blueyonderranch) gave a great point that with this wisdom that one child learns, usually the oldest we are teaching them to enjoy in sharing with their other siblings. We encourage this, resulting in what might seem like a burden is no longer so heavy. Also, the children experiencing the joy teaching can bring.

Our siblings multiply our opportunities to savor the best part of growing up.

Working together and the older helping the younger they are learning that childhood is precious, short and worth cherishing. Having a younger child around is a real gift.

This is how I feel in homeschooling our children. How I see what we teach them. The character qualities God has set forth. The foundation being what the bible teaches. When I read this ladies blog she worded the steps of what I've been thinking so perfectly.


Thank you God for giving us such a strong desire in the raising of our children. Especially, giving us BOTH this desire and uniting us as a family.