Celebrating 101 posts!!!!!

We have made it to 101 posts!!!!!!!!!! to our millions of readers out their if you are the first to respond we will let you watch our children for free!!!! :) lol jk but wow can't believe we are at 101st posts! You are probably wondering why 101 and not the 100th post that we are celebrating. Well, this is because I wrote this post a few days ago and my blog said we only had 99. I'm pretty sure this is before Dennis posted but for some reason it says 100 posts now. So we are celebrating the 101 post instead. We really have only gotten into blogging this past year although I have had a blog for awhile. We go sometimes with posting more than once in a week and then can go with out posting anything for weeks. :) It all really depends on how much time we can slip away and write. I usually do my deep thinking at night so most of those post from myself and Dennis are in the late evening when the kids are fast asleep. The post that are during the day are well, post like this. Silly, and just picture up-dates. :)

So our summer has been none stop crazy busy!!!!! Without July even being over with yet we already have pretty much every weekend booked up in August. This is not including things we fill up the week days with.

Dennis is involved in the Church Softball league. They play Monday nights! Wednesdays are Youth Group nights!!! We help out and the girls get to enjoy one on one time with Papa!!! (my mom as well helps with the youth). The 3rd Thursday of the month we have Bible Study! Well, and Tuesday, Fridays and those other Thursday's just seem to get filled with something.

Husband, Wife, Three kids, 1 Dog, and 1 Hamster, and a busy schedule = great memories!!! :)