My children love the water. Whether it's just the bath, a small kiddy pool or just recently my uncles pool. Water is very much enjoyed in our family. On Wednesday Dennis, the kids and a girl from our church loaded up and headed about a mile up the road to my uncles pool. 3 hrs of lounging, and relaxation! :) This is how I enjoy the water. No other people besides us in the pool! No random kid that a parent isn't watching splashing water on us or swimming into. Just us to enjoy the whole pool alone.

Brooklyn can swim with arm floaties on and enjoys swimming on her own.


Bailey has never had arm floaties on and we had an

extra pair and thought we would try them. To our surprise (although she is a brave little lady) she insisted to swim alone with only her floaties as well.


Sorta nice to free up the arms and enjoy swimming along side the kids instead of holding them the whole time. Beckham only being 7 months of course stayed in our arms but enjoyed the water just as much. Here are just a few pictures from the pool, plus I've thrown in a few others that we have taken this past month!