As I watch my children change day by day I pray God is changing me day by day. I pray my walk with Him grows closer, and more intimate. Again, I remind myself my mornings needs to start out with talking to my Heavenly Father. I struggle with this as I am so busy with the activity that begins when the sun rises. I need that quiet alone time and still haven't found the best time that works for me. I feel the morning is the time I long to begin, but just haven't begun. It's hard with children to have un-interupted time. The night I find it difficult to really dig in to anything that takes concentration. My brain is slowing down after a busy day and to try to get it too think deeply is well very hard to do. This is why I really feel morning are the best time for me. I am very much a morning person. I love the stillness of the house. The sleeping and peaceful children. The beautiful sunrise. This I believe is the time for me. My very late New Year resolution! I don't plan on eating healthier, dieting, exercising or the many more typical goals that our set forth the first of the year. My goal is to find that time with my Father! Make Him a priority.

We went to a wedding this evening and it reminded me of how much closer Dennis and I are from that first 24hrs as newly weds to 7 1/2 years later. You think you love someone as much as love can mean. What's amazing is how much that love deepens and you love them even more than what you did even the day before. This is the love I strive for with God. I see how my love has deepened with Christ over the years, and I know it will continue. God chose this simple red head for reasons I can't explain, but because of that I want to live my life for Him and help my children feel that same burning desire.