Freedom Mice!


At last we say "Goodbye" to our sorta welcomed guess. Mommy mouse and her 5 little ones were let go today. The girls really enjoyed watching them go from pinkies to almost the size of their mom. I am glad to now go to bed without hearing chewing and weird noises in our hall closet and praying that they aren't all making their escape. I believe our house is making me stronger and braver in the animal department. I have always loved animals, but find them not loved as much when a few try to become guess that aren't welcomed. The snake count has gone up since today! We have now had 4 lovely snakes in our basement. Might I remind you that I do laundry down there. I've very quick to start the laundry and leave! :) I wondered why we didn't have very many if any right now of spiders living down there or frogs. Well, now I know why! Those snakes have been eating them. As long as I don't almost step on one I actually think I would rather have the snakes then the spiders dropping down on my head while loading the laundry.

Don't get me wrong! I feel so blessed at where we are living at, but do look forward to having my laundry room not with the snakes someday. :)

We will miss you our dearest Angelina and your 5 little ones! I hope your new home is even more wonderful than your old. May you enjoy all your travel and new exploration. Enjoy your new life and please try not to get eaten. :) ~With love the Kramer's