"Mommy, I love living in this old house because we get to see a lot of cool animals!" This is what Brooklyn said to me after we found a mother mouse with her 5 little babies. I am not a fan of mice living in my home that I try so hard to keep clean. I try to make my home cozy, warm and inviting. A place where people want to come by because we make them feel comfortable and as if our place was their place. This is my nest! My home reflects a part of me. I feel I am making the inside of our home look more and more of what I have envisioned it too be. The outside is another store, but with some more time that too will transform into an inviting eye catcher. So all this to say not to many rodents are invited into our house, although one look at this mommy and her babies I could not but want to help her and give her more than she could do on her own. Obviously, the father is out of the picture so seeing that this was a single mommy with not just 1 baby to take care of but 5 my heart and mind didn't have to think twice as to what we would do. Our family has now grown suddenly over just one day. Only temporarily, but we have excepted this little family in and hope mommy and her 5 little ones make it.