Father's Day

A rush of events for our family unfolded Father's day to leave us all warn out and ready for bed that evening. It was a great day though to spend it with our fathers!

Dennis has been a father now for 5 years and to do some bragging he is one of the best! Our children are so blessed to have a father like him.

Dennis and I were chatting the other day regarding families. We feel so blessed to have been raised up in the families we were. How through all the different adventures God took us on when we were younger Christ brought us together. Our families together. It's amazing and mind blowing at the same time to even try to figure out the paths we took that lead us together. When you think about it this didn't just start with our parents, but their parents, and their parents and so on. The decisions Dennis and I make are all in God's plan and will someday bring the right spouses into our children's life.

Brooklyn the other day again asked who created God! I love this question because I tell her our minds can't even comprehend that God always has existed. He has always been around. There was never a beginning. Wow, never a beginning just makes my mind overload. As humans we are always trying to figure things out. I see it in my children. I enjoy taking the time to explain why we do things or the purpose of something. But somethings like the faith we have in Christ is that exactly, faith, incomprehensible to some degree.

The Bible is like a great big puzzle. All the pieces are their. No man could ever make a puzzle as great as Christ's puzzle with so many pieces. How all the pieces have a neighboring piece but also tie in with each and ever other piece. Amazing!!!!

Christ blessed me with the man I have married. The man who father's my children. The man who loves me unconditionally. Father's day should not be just a one day celebration but a never ending celebration. Love you Dennis!!!