Mr. Beckham is crawling!!!

Our sweet little man has discovered crawling. He has been a wiggler ever since 3 months and I'm not kidding maybe even sooner than that. He started to roll over just after 3 months and would kick and squirm any chance given. Now just past 6 months he has began to crawl. He started to a couple weeks ago but it was just move an arm and legs a couple times and slide on tummy then repeat, but now he is completely off. He recently had his 6 month WCC (well child check-up) and was in the 45% for height and 17% for weight. The doctor wasn't concerned about his weight at all because he looks healthy and is solid. She thought too it might be because he is so wiggly. Burning off all his food intake. Which leads me to he is now getting to taste more than just his oatmeal which is still his favorite. He eats sweet potatoes which is probably his second favorite. Not sure about his yams. Applesauce is alright and avocado well, we'll think about it. He makes a mess with his banana cookies and apple wheels or any other hands on foods. Pretty much just have to stripe him down when he eats. Unless he sits on my lap and I literally hold his arms back. To busy to sit still. Bailey was busy as well, but not as wiggly. The nice thing though is he loves to snuggle. All my kids have always enjoyed mommy time and I enjoy it as well. :)


The other night while holding Beckham in my arms before putting him down to bed I had this vision of God and how he holds us in His arms. We may not physically feel Him, but He is their holding us all the time. Beckham looked so content in my arms. It made me stop and realize how I need to remember to turn my worries and stress over to God. In the end He is holding me. He is comforting me. He takes all my burdens away. Christ Jesus is my comforter. He is the one I need to remember to always lean on. I loved my vision. I love holding my children and Christ loves holding us!


Mr. Beckham, you are growing up so quick. What a little man you are becoming. :) May God continue to guide us and direct us in your up bringing. We love you all the way to Heaven and back!