California Part 3

Finally, our California trip came to an end. Kids in their jammies, tucked into their beds and our tired eyes slowly fading as we laid down finally on our pillows. The sun was beginning to come up now since it was just past 6 am. We again, drove through the night since this was the best for our kids on a long drive.

Sunday was the big get together birthday party for Dennis' grandpa Dub! He turns 90 on June 11th. This was the best weekend for most of the family to get together. All of Dennis' uncles were able to make it and quiet a few of his aunts and cousins were able to attend as well. How neat to see so many generations get together. To see God shine in so many of them. Dennis' grandparents had 6 boys (one passed on many years ago while in Vietnam) but the other 5 were all at the party and I'm sure his grandparents felt so blessed to see not only their boys but a lot of their grandchildren and great grandchildren.
The party was held at one of Dennis' uncles house. Up high on a hill overlooking Diamond Springs. 11 acres of God's beauty!!! Brooklyn later that night asked what her favorite thing that day was her reply was, "Riding the horse." Yes, I have to say as well that was one of my favorite things. Although, it wasn't a horse but a mule still a great experience. I was given freedom to ride the mule down the road on about a 7-10 min trip alone. Yup that's right, alone. Very silly but that child excitement swept over me as I rode alone. Sorta like how excited my kids get when given a balloon. This is how I felt. Too so many people riding horses is an everyday lifestyle, but for me it was like receiving that balloon for the first time. :)
Our trip was fun and filled with new memories. California yes, we will be back!!!