California Part 1

1:29 A.M Saturday morning, kids loaded, pilot loaded and we are pulling out of our driveway and on our way to California. Got to say this was a perfect time for us. Children sleeping, music lightly on and my hand in Dennis' as we start our vacation.

The drive was great. Brooklyn had been so excited to leave plus then finding out we would be pulling them out of bed straight into the car got her even more excited then ever. So cute to hear her in the back while heading on I-5 at 2 in the morning singing. Shortly afterwords she was back asleep though. All the kids awoke around 5 though since the sun was coming up and we don't have curtains on our pilot. After getting donuts and nursing Beckham we were back on the road.

FairyTale Land was a big hit with the girls. We decided to take the kids to this park since we needed to kill time before making our way to our vacation home. Located in Sacramento, $4.50 for kids older than 2, free samples of icees and as much dole juice as we wanted. Well, you just can't beat that!!! The girls loved it. So cute to see how excited they were after sliding down a slide or getting to hug Clifford.

Dennis and I were slight tired after the long drive with little sleep, but so worth to not have the kids feel like it was a long drive. Oh and I have an awesome husband who is great at driving. I always feel bad because I take over the wheel for about an hour just after 7 and shortly after 8 I'm waking him up to drive. I don't trust myself since I can fall asleep while saying our bedtime prayers, or watching a movie and not even know that my eyes are fading. So the moment I get a tiny feeling that I could fall asleep that's time for me to not be behind the wheel.

Part 2 of our vacation will post sometime later this week! Have a wonderful Memorial Day!!!