Bailey is 2!!!


My little girl is 2 now!!! oh how these past 2 years have gone by very quickly. Bailey is well.....Bailey! She doesn't care if she is center attention, nor does she care what others think. Yes, she is only 2, but believe me some 2 year olds thrive on what others think already. Not my little girl. She is one very independent, tender hearted, determined, sweet heart! She brakes down crying at the slightest raise in your voice, but she is daring, and driven to accomplish something on her own. "Be careful,_______" can be heard from her which is one of my favorite things she says. She now can pretty much say any word you ask her to say. "Dinosaur, Beckham, Brooklyn, Siah (Josiah), E.I. (Eli), and the rest of her cousins although she gets them right. It is so cute to watch her interact with her sister. Although I hear a lot of, "Mommy, Bailey hit me." or "Mommy, Bailey stuck her tongue out at me." I do also hear, "Sorry sis." and "I love you sis" lots of hugs and kisses and extremely a lot given to little brother.

I have began to see her going from a baby to toddler and now becoming a little girl. Her personality is so sweet, funny, and just down right lovable. Bailey Boo you bring so much joy to this family. We love you with all of our hearts. As your sister would put it, "Love you up to heaven and all the way back down."