Pictures from this past weekend!

I've been on a blog up-date lately. I go weeks and weeks without up-dating and then do 3 in the past week! :) Not sure if but one person reads these, but here are some great pictures taken lately.

Bailey my silly little girl. She comes out from the bathroom the other day wearing her seat on her head. Thank God I disinfect that a lot, but it still grossed me out. Well, not to bad because I quickly ran and got my camera!

Brooklyn loves to line things up! I find her doing these all the times with whatever she is playing with. She told me her animals were watching the car show!

On Mother's day the girls got in these big pots that my mom had so we thought it would be cute to put them all in them and take some pictures!

Here are a few of Brooklyn doing a craft. She is making a caterpillar. She LOVES crafts!!!