Mother's day 2010

I do some of my best deep thinking late at night. Usually, I am laying in bed wishing that I had my notebook close by and a pen, but figure by the time I get up, find it, then find my book light and get back in bed my pen won't work and I will be to tired to write what I was thinking. :) I know I need to keep those things next to my bed, but unfortunately, we still have never owned night stands and I don't like to just keep things laying next to the bed.

Today was a relaxing day of feeling and being honored. Besides the precious gift of lilies, and a card, I truly feel blessed and not just on this holiday.

I can not say enough about my husband. The man God choice specifically for me. He knew the perfect best friend I needed in my life. He knew the one person that could hold my heart. My soul mate the love of my life. In honor of Mother's day turns back to the man who helps me in my lives journey. Who picks me up and encourages me as a wife and mother. Besides from God I don't know how I could be the mother I am today without him by my side.

I wrote a book to Dennis for a wedding gift. Through out the whole book I am building up to what my definition of love is. Of course I don't say it till the end, and now I will spoil it for you but my definition of what true love is can be summed up to this: " Unconditional and everlasting, binding of best friends through the power of God to become one in mind, body and spirit."

My mother's day I feel is not just honoring what I do, but honoring the man who helps me and is beside me in what I do. I feel very blessed to have a Godly husband. Yes, I had a wonderful day relaxing and feeling like royalty. My husband changing a diaper without

out me saying, "please I did the last poopy one"

So to my husband, thank you for all that you do for me and I feel blessed beyond words. Thank you for my wonderful mother's day, but more so thank you for loving me and helping me be the mother I am today.