Resurrection Sunday 2010

What an amazing day to celebrate and remember Jesus rising from the dead. I haven't done much studying on this topic if their is any but I've always wondered what Jesus did those few days after he was crucified and before He rose. Was He reunited with the Father before making His appearance back on earth? That's what I imagine. Again, maybe I just need to open my Bible again and re-read His death maybe I've forgotten something important. This got me thinking about reunions and the other day with Brookie excepted Christ she asked if everyone goes to Heaven. I sadly told her some peoples hearts are hardened towards Jesus Christ! I then went on though to explain how now we would get to spend eternity with each other in Christ's arms. It was also neat to tell her that her papa's dad who passed away when I was little excepted Christ just before he died. I told her that I'm sure he smiled big when he heard his great-granddaughter excepted Christ and that he too would get to meet her someday. She then was excited to talk to papa and ask to see a picture of her great-grandpa! So awesome to see God already working in my children's hearts! Thank you God for giving us the ultimate sacrifice of your Son Jesus to die for us!

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