Our Children

Beckham James turned 4 months on the 17th already! he is in the 65% for length and 35% for weight. I feel like he was just born although I also feel like he has been with us longer than that. The girls can't get enough of him. Always entertaining him, hugging him, kissing him, or rubbing his ears ( Bailey has a thing for ears :). He smiles all the time now and loves to laugh! Last week he discovered his tongue and it's so cute! He also has a few times reached for my nose when I ask him to find it. Another new thing is he started rolling over last month. He started from tummy to back but now loves even more to go from back to tummy. Oh yes and I can't forget that he loves to kick. It's like he's trying to go some place very fast! Both girls were walking at 10 & 9 months! We'll see if he follows in their footsteps at all. Right now he seems like he already wants to join in with what they are doing. Our little Mr. Beckham is such a wonderful addition to our family.

Bailey Sage is now 22 months old! What a cute little ball of energy! She is discovering that she is enjoying doing more & more on her own. She isn't afraid of anything. The excitement she gets when arriving at parks is comparable to winning the lottery! You can't help but smile!!! She is speaking more & more. You can ask her to say different words and she will say most of them. We believe she is just enjoying being quiet in that area for now. Although once she is comfortable around you she tends to speak up more. Her personality is so sweet. She often cries even at the slightest voice change. We can tell her in a soft voice, "oh Bailey don't touch that you might get hurt." Then big tears appear. She is very sensitive, but such a tender heart. Our little Miss Bailey Boo oh how we love your hugs & kisses! what a sweety!!!

Brooklyn Rose is almost 4 1/2 years old. Amazing how time goes by. She is our creative one. Always and I'm not exaggerating she is drawing, coloring, painting, cutting up something, or making a craft. She loves me working with her in learning her letters and the sounds they make. She has been able to spell her name for awhile now. She has added other names that she can spell along with attempting to spell new words all the time. She is identifying letters and sounds more and more and is eagerly learning to read. We still have a ways to go but I wouldn't be surprised if by end of summer she can read. She has a little sponge for a mind and I enjoy so much teaching her new things and helping her practice what we have been going over. Anyone that knows Brooklyn knows what a compassionate heart she has. Looking out for her sister and brother. First to want to help if someone is hurt. So sweet because the other day she was talking to Beckham in the car and telling him if he wanted to go to heaven he needed to ask God into his heart. Or when they had colds last week she told me she wanted to pray that daddy or myself didn't get sick too. Brookie Cookie your giving heart and compassionate spirit our such a joy to be around!

Our three kids are such a blessing! God is really working and helping us follow His word on raising our children. I love being a mom and can't imagine life with out my little ones.