New York


Ever since I was just a little girl New York city was the city I wanted to travel too. I had always dreamed of living in a studio apartment/flat. Brick walls, open floor plans, a private garden on the roof top. Yes, this was my dream. Since then my dream has changed, to a barn house, farm animals, and open rolling hills. I still do though love traveling to a bigger city then just the city of Albany. :) In December Dennis and I came across a great deal to fly to NY and we decided to not pass it up. My dream of visiting NY was finally going to happen and who better to experience this dream with but my husband.

February 18th we headed up to the airport and departed PDX around 12:20a.m on the 19th. Beckham traveled with us since I am nursing him. Wasn't about to try to pump & dump since It wouldn't make it back in drinkable condition. He did great!!!

NY was amazing and we couldn't have asked for better weather. Blue sunny sky each day and in the low 40's. We were only their till Monday so we had 2 full days to pack in everything that we wanted to do. Dennis was awesome. We both talked about what we wanted to do and he planned it out.

We really wanted to just experience NY and see the sights more than anything. We visited Elis Island, Empire state building, Central Park, American Natural History Museum, F.A.O. Schwarz, Toys-R-Us, Bloomingdals, H & M, Wall Street, Ground Zero, Time Square, Saks Fifth Avenue, Macy's, Rockefeller, Apple Store, and much more!!!

Crazy huh!!! :) The subway was great. We only had trouble down by ground zero because one line was not running. You can say our calfs had a great workout.

My favorite thing was just walking around Central Park. I loved it!!! So beautiful.

The statue of liberty was way smaller than I expected. I always imagined it being like a sky scrapper but was disappointed in how small it was.

New Yorkers are crazy! When crossing the road they don't follow the signs they just walk when a car isn't coming. We eventually took on to this method and even got asked for directions. Guess we ended up blending in towards the end of our trip. :) Another thing we observed was so many New Yorkers wears black! I was waiting in Grand Central Station while Dennis went to go figure out our bus stop and counted 48 people in black coats or black apparel compared to only 10 in another color within a couple min. time. Guess next time I will bring a black coat. :)

On Friday night Dennis previously had read about an Indian food place called Amma. Wow was the food amazing!!!! I'm not a big food conasaur, and I would say I'm pretty picky. If I can't pronounce the word describing the food, or know what it is I tend to stick with common food choices, but I had told Dennis I was up for trying what he wanted!!! Glad I did because it was so good!

Overall our experience was amazing! what wonderful memories I have from a quick weekend trip with my husband to a place I had always wanted to visit! I defiantly want to travel back someday but for now I can check it off my list of places to see!

Thank you Dennis for planning such a wonderful weekend trip! God blessed us with perfect weather and safe travel! Love ya!!!