Where to start....Over the past year and half to two years Dennis and I have been talking, praying, talking and praying over the decision on our kids future education. If you would have asked us a few years ago we wouldn't even have skipped a beat on what we were planning, but now I am writing to share what God has put on our hearts.

Home schooling is not for everyone and I never thought it was for us. God has other plans, bigger plans than we can ever imagine. Home schooling is just part of what He has planned for us. God has opened the door and given us a strong desire. A desire not only to raise our kids to their fullest but to be that educational tool as well. We may not be masters in education or English majors or math geniuses, but one thing we both have and that's a desire, a passion, and a drive for the Lord and raising our children up in His name. Home schooling will be giving us the freedom of not being slaves to society. Knowing that we can do anything through Him. I know God will help us and I have no doubt that we will never regret our decision. I am so excited for God revealing this to us. For knowing another one of His plans for our lives. Knowing that both of us our wanting the same thing for our children. God has an amazing plan for our life and I love being on this journey with my husband and kids.