Our Place

I found a few pictures that I have taken of our place before and after. Not to many since most of them are on our cell phone and I haven't pulled them off yet but here are a few. Even more has been done since these pictures. I'm excited for Spring to arrive so we can work on the outside more. Then I will post outside pictures as well.

Dennis worked super hard since March 2009 when we first start working on the place. Our very dear great friend has given us the opportunity to live in his home while we get to work on it and get it in tip top shape. We have been super blessed getting this opportunity and have enjoyed seeing our hard work turn into a wonderful cozy family home.

In the picture below where the wall paper was that use to be a fireplace. Also, their was green carpet and ugly molding on the wall. I know I have a few more pictures but they are on my phone so I will post them some other time. These are just of the family room which has already changed since these were taken. We have a hamster now who lives out their on the book shelf. :)

This picture is the kids future play room. I am super excited to get this room done. I feel lots of space will free up once toy's are able to be put up here. This is the attic by the way!

By the way I may have already posted these pictures but enjoy them again anyway! :)